The Best Tips For Adults Learning To Ski

Some of us, including myself, weren’t taken on skiing holidays as a kid. That shouldn’t put any adults off hitting the slopes for the first time and have a blast. A holiday in the snow is always fun; the fresh mountain air, the excitement, beautiful mountain views and making new friends all add to what will be much better than laying on a beach.

Of course learning a new skill as an adult is never the easiest thing, but if you have the right attitude, equipment and knowledge, you’ll be able to conquer the slopes. If you’re like me then you just might find that you discover a new hobby that you keep going back to.

So you want to learn to ski as an adult? Here are the best tips for you.

Just Book It

The first thing you have to do is take the plunge and book your holiday. It can be expensive when you add up all the costs of a ski trip, make sure you get the best deal by booking early. I can tell you from personal experience that it is well worth booking and you definitely won’t regret it. At the end of the holiday and it’s time to go home you won’t want to leave, you’ll be thinking about when you will be coming back. I had that feeling the first time I tried skiing at the Perisher ski resort.


Have Lessons

This is the best thing you can do. I was feeling a bit self conscious so I decided to book myself a private lesson one morning. Those 3 hours with a pro worked wonders for my technique and also my self confidence. The ski instructors are so good and giving a few little tips to get you started. After my first lesson I decided to have one each morning and then spend the afternoon out on the slopes with my friends. Even my friends noticed the improvement each day we were out on the slopes. As you grow in confidence you’ll be ready to join adult ski classes with people at the same level as you, this keeps costs down and at the same time you have a good laugh making new friends.


Ski With Friends Better Than You

Apart from lessons, the best way for a beginner to get better is to ski with people who are better than you, I find it best to do this with friends because those are the people you trust the most. I know what you’re thinking, what if I am too slow for friends and I hold them back? That’s a normal feeling and maybe they feel the same. But at least you can ride on the lifts together, they can give you some pointers on the best way down – they can do a couple of laps of more than you as you take your time. There’s no stress, just enjoy it and you’ll all be having a beer together that night chatting about the great day you had!

The Best Tips For Adults Learning To Ski