Reasons to Take a Summer Holiday to Cornwall 

Where are you going on your summer holidays next year? Are you looking for somewhere abroad? Most people do look to head abroad for their summer holidays with most people viewing Spain, Greece and Turkey as places where they plan to spend a couple of weeks to relax. How about something different next year, how about a domestic holiday? If this is something which speaks to you then why not consider taking a look at camping holidays in Cornwall? This British county in the south west of the country is absolutely amazing and my family and I try to take a trip there at least once every couple of years. There is so much to love about Cornwall and more than enough to convince you to shun that foreign holiday in favor of one on your own soil. Here is why you should look at Cornwall as a destination for your next summer holiday. 



Most people go abroad to spend some quality time on the beach and whilst the UK doesn’t exactly scream ‘beach destination’ Cornwall is something different altogether. The beaches here are rich and golden, they stretch for miles and many of them are seemingly untouched. You can basque on the beaches here without interruption and in absolute bliss. The weather is very warm during the summer months and if you are worried about not getting a tan, you really shouldn’t as there is more than enough sunshine here to give you a beautiful bronze glow. 


The summer months bring many events to the south west and in Cornwall in particular you can find loads of action. Music festivals in Newquay, cider and beer festivals in some of the Cornish towns, as well as a busy program at the famous Minack theater, an open-air theater which sits on the cliff top overlooking the Atlantic. The Eden Project also has lots of activities during the summer months and not only does it make for a great place to visit on normal days, when there is an event on there are even more reasons to visit. 

All Terrain

If you love outdoor activities you are going to love Cornwall and it offers a little something of everything. Here you will find dense forest, vast costal trails, rugged cliff tops and all manner of natural settings where you can get involved in all kinds of outdoor activities from surfing to sailing, biking to hiking, climbing to rappelling. This is particularly why we love to go camping in Cornwall because the sites are usually really close to many outdoor pursuit locations and we love nothing more than getting in touch with nature during our time in Cornwall. 

Added benefits fo a domestic holiday are that you don’t have to change your money, you can speak the same language and the culture is the same as back home. Don’t overlook how great a holiday you can have in Cornwall for your next summer vacation. 

Reasons to Take a Summer Holiday to Cornwall