5 qualities every teacher should have

If we think back to our young academic years or maybe even our current class room setting. We can always picture a teacher or professor that stood out as being one of the greats. Some people are naturally gifted with the talent to teach while others need to make a conscious effort to be great. No matter how they pull it off there are five mandatory skills they must have. When I was studying in Hong Kong, I had a Tutor in Hong Kong that taught me through their actions, what it takes to be a great tutor.



Sometimes the truth hurts, and if you aren’t grasping a subject. You need to know it. Teachers who try to sugar coat or even worse, completely ignore a student’s comprehension with a class or topic are hindering the student greatly. A good teacher is able to get to the point and explain the areas a pupil is struggling in and come up with a method to improve it that works for them.



Not every student is a speed learner or has a photographic memory. A good teacher knows this and they also know that each student has a different set and style or learning skills. One size doesn’t fit all, so to speak, when it comes to learning. A teacher who knows this is ahead of the rest already.


Good Listener

Having the capability to not just hear, but really listen to what a student is saying, asking is a key component in being a great teacher. That means not always just listening to the correct answer but encouraging students to ask questions and challenge their thinking. It means being able to collect a student’s thinking process and break down the material in a way they can learn or understand.



Even though as we often are friends with or can call our teacher a friend, there is still a level of professionalism you couldn’t have with your other mates. A great teacher is open to listening, and cares like a friend but when it comes to work and a workplace setting they keep their distinction of being a figure or authority.


Shares Experiences

A good teacher can tell a story. A great teacher can tell a story about themselves and engage the crowd. A tutor, teacher or professor that can give us real life examples of their experiences goes so much further in connecting with us. Knowing the triumphs or struggles of a teacher applifies the learning material that much greater. download


5 qualities every teacher should have