Prepare Your Mind and Body to Close a Deal


Negotiating and closing a deal in today’s business world is a very nuanced task which requires a lot more than traditional business acumen. If you’re heading into a particularly complex business deal and are looking for ways to be prepared, we’ve compiled some ideas which, at first, may seem unorthodox, however, can show powerful results.


Talk Yourself up – but Not to Your Opposition

Whether you have known the person you are about to deal with for a long time or your upcoming deal with be your first interaction, when you’re undertaking negotiations the person on the other side of your table is your opposition and the key to dealing with opposition is confidence. Leading up to your meeting, take some time each day to remind yourself of previous successful negotiations and keep yourself pumped up.


Look the Part

Like it or not, how you present yourself plays a large role in how confident people will feel about your abilities. Make sure the suit you are wearing has been tailored and fits well. If your sleeves are too long it can give the impression that you have borrowed your jacket, and too short can look like you haven’t bought a new suit in quite some time. Many business men and women will pay attention to your hands and how you hold them during your meeting, so while you may not be accustomed to it, find a local Seattle-based Nail Salon and make sure your hands and nails look their best.


Relax – You’ve Got This

If there’s one thing that’s going to get in your way of a successful negotiation, it’s your nerves. The morning before your meeting or negotiation, take some time and complete some meditation. While this may involve sitting in a dark room and listening to relaxing music, it can also mean hitting the gym and taking out your your built-up stress on a boxing bag or a treadmill. Whatever form of meditation you prefer, be sure to release any stress and anxiety prior to negotiation.


While these are some great tips which many businessmen and women don’t often consider, the best advice we can give is to be yourself. The best of yourself. Let your natural charm and charisma shine through.

Prepare Your Mind and Body to Close a Deal