Vegas Casino Prep Guide for First Timers


If this is your first time heading to Vegas then you will need to make sure that you are fully prepared for what you are about to experience. Vegas is without question one of the craziest and most amazing cities in the world, and it is truly one like no other. So once you have booked your hotel, bought your show tickets and worked out where you’ll go, it is time to start thinking about that casino visit. Many first timers are understandably nervous about walking into a casino and gambling, so here are a few tips which will ensure that it runs smoothly.

Starting Slowly

The first thing which you need to think about is getting into the casino and acclimatizing. The best way in which to do this is to play a game which requires little interaction, something like the slot machines. The slot machines are easy to play, and they give you the perfect chance to sit down, feel the casino out, and plan your attack.


Prior to entering into the casino it is highly recommended that you have studied a little bit about some fo the games, and how to play them. Most newbies stick to games such as blackjack, roulette and perhaps something such as higher or lower. These are good games to start without you still need to understand not only how to play them, but how to bet as well. You can play these games online to get a feeling for how they work, so that you will b ready when the big night comes.

Table Politics

When the time comes to actually hit a table, take a slow walk around the tables first, to see what is going on. There will be different financial limits on different blackjack tables for example, so make sure that you avoid the high roller tables. The best bet is to find a table with nobody there other than the croupier, or perhaps only one or two others. A quiet table means you can ask the odd question without being embarrassed, and you will feel far less pressure on how and when to bet.

Money Management

If you get off to a good start then you need to be careful as winning can be very intoxicating. Equally, if you lose your money during the learning process, there can be a temptation to keep betting more money, in an effort to get it back, now that you understand more. You ought to be careful in both of these instances however, as this is what can land you in trouble. The best course of action is to decide before you enter the casino, exactly how much you will be with, once it is gone, you should leave the casino. In terms of winnings, there is no such thing as a lucky streak, if you keep betting after winning, you will eventually lose. Should you double your money, put this to one side and then gamble with the extra, if you win more, great, if you lose it, you have still doubled your money that you went in with.

Be smart, take it slowly and be careful, you’ll have an amazing time!

Vegas Casino Prep Guide for First Timers
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