Entertaining Yourself When You Are Home Alone

Recently we have been inundated on social media with the worst complaint of them all, boredom, and how to get past it. When boredom hits it can be difficult, nothing seems very entertaining, you can’t think of anything exciting to do, when you do you decide that you actually don’t want to do it, and you end up sat down and fed up with yourself. This is something that seems to happen more on an evening, and more often when you are by yourself. If this has been happening to you recently, here are some suggestions on how to smash the boredom.


TV Series

Binge watching television is a great way to release the boredom that you are feeling, and it will also give you something to get your teeth in to. Thankfully there are more TV series than ever before, all of which can be found on demand. If you do find yourself bored, simply head to a site such as IMDB, see which are the highest rated TV shows and if you haven’t seen it, give it a try.


Reading can both relax and entertain you, and it will no doubt help to take your mind away from the boredom that you feel. Whether you like to read from an e-reader or straight from a paper book, you should aim to start a new story, rather than reading an old one again. If you do plan to read, prepare your reading space first, don’t just sit down in any old place as you may get distracted. Find a quiet corner, get the lighting just right, get comfortable and then away you go.

Spending Some ‘You’ Time

Another option which is sure to pass some time and give you a thrill is to masturbate when you are home alone. Men and women can find great pleasure in masturbation and whether using extras such as vibrators and lubes, or simply exploring your body with your hands, you can most certainly relieve any boredom which you may have in this way. Don’t force the issue here, if things aren’t ‘happening’ when you begin, simply leave it for later, if you push for it to happen then you will not have the same level of enjoyment that you could have.

New Project

One of the best ways that we have found to completely remove boredom, is to get started on a new project. The project can be anything at all, perhaps decorating, perhaps a DIY project, an educational project or perhaps you want to start learning how to play a musical instrument. The beauty of starting a project is that it forces you to think, it gets the creative juices flowing and it wakes the brain up and gives it something to do, something to plan and something to get excited about. If you have reached your limit with boredom then you should try to get started on something which is brand new.

Entertaining Yourself When You Are Home Alone