Tips for making a car insurance claim

No one wants to be in a position where they have to make an insurance claim for their car because they have had an accident. Obviously it is good to use your insurance but you usually have to make a claim because something bad has happened; accident or theft. Once you have an accident you will be initially unhappy and frustrated but if you make a successful claim then it will make everything a little easier to take. If you are hurt during the accident then you will find yourself making car accident injury claims, this is a key part of your claim. In this article I have put down two fantastic tips that will help you when putting in a car insurance claim.


Make sure you get all of the details you can

Now, when you first have an accident the last thing you will be thinking about is the insurance claim that you have to file. Unfortunately though, this is the main thing that you should be thinking about. You need to make sure that you take photos (use your camera phone if you have it to hand), take down all of the information form any drivers that were involved in the accident and get your hands on any of the police reports. If you have a good photo then the insurance company will be able to see clearly exactly what happened to your car in the accident – this will mean that there is less discussion or questioning further down the line because you have proof of what happened. Getting the police reports will only strengthen your claim no end!

Shop around for quotes

When you are looking to have your car repaired make sure that you visit a number of mechanics or garages. As a rule of thumb it is best to visit around 2 to 3 different places asking about the damage caused to your car. Insurance companies are known for arguing about the cost of repair, so if you have a few quotes to hand then you will vein a much stronger position. It will show that you are well prepared and have also gone to the effort of shopping around for the best deal. The insurance company might also recommend a garage for you to visit, so go there and get a quote as well. Sometimes they use a well known national chain of garages that they know and trust – if this is the case then that is perfect, because you will be going to a certified shop and getting a professional job done.

Tips for making a car insurance claim
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