Memorial Gift Ideas

Memorials can be one of those things that are hard to mark, especially if it’s a sensitive time such as an anniversary or shortly after a death. While it can be difficult to show your sympathy and support to someone who has recently suffered a loss, there are many beautiful and gentle ways to show them that you’re there for them if they need you. Here are some easy and caring ways to show your support to someone who may be grieving the loss of someone special.

A Gift

A small trinket of jewelry is always a great memorial gift, such as a bracelet, charms or necklace that have an engraving of a name and date. Memorial gifts are good way to help mark the remembrance of someone important. Lockets are also a great idea where the person can put a photo of their loved one and wear it all the time. Jewelry is always a great gift for a memorial as it’s something the person can wear when they feel like it as a reminder of their loved one and to keep them close to their heart at all times.

Take Them Out For Coffee Or Dinner

If you aren’t sure what to do for someone experiencing a grief process due to a loss, why not consider taking them out for coffee or dinner. It doesn’t need to be specifically to talk about how they’re feeling, although it can be encouraging to help them open up just by knowing someone cares enough to treat them to an outing. If they aren’t up for going out, consider taking coffee to them in their house from their favourite coffee place.

Plan A Night In

A night in is also a great way to show someone you care when they’re going through a difficult time – whatever the reason. Get some of your favourite snacks, a bottle of wine or two and kick back with your friend and watch a film or just chat through the evening. This is sometimes one of the most therapeutic things you can do with someone who is having a hard time, akin to the ice cream and cookie dough nights girls are said to have together after a breakup.

Surprise Them

A nice idea might to be to surprise your friend with a bouquet of flowers and a takeaway from their favourite place. Even if you don’t stay with them (depending if they’re up for it or not), just knowing someone cares enough to pop in and make sure they’re being fed can work wonders for people’s mental wellness when things get tough. Even if you don’t bring anything, just showing up at their door to check in or dropping them a phone call can be just what they need to lift their spirits a bit.

With so many great ways to help someone who is feeling low when they’re struggling with grief, it’s never been easier to show someone you care and want to help them face the pain. After all, painful moments in life are often best faced with someone you care about to help support you through the process!

Memorial Gift Ideas