Marketing Analytics Tools That Are Shaping the Industry

There are various marketing analytics tools available today and there are many marketing companies, like Cloud IQ, that are making use of these tools in an extremely effective way. In this article we will look at two of the most popular and influential marketing analytics tools available today.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

This is a powerful cloud solution for B2B companies that use the web to find their leads. This is an extremely powerful tool that can be utilised very well to track all your analytical needs.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is essential for identifying the conversion funnel stage that customers are in and can indicate to sales departments how mature each lead is. This software can also use navigation patterns to predict the likelihood of conversion and mark these leads accordingly, this is important because you need to pay careful attention to leads that have a high chance of converting and you need to push these right through to the end.

One of the best things about this innovative software is that it has a range of custom options to take advantage of and can even be integrated with 3rd party tools and CRM systems.

Google Analytics

Like anything that is made by Google, this is the single most popular analytics tool around and a the tool of choice for entrepreneurs and those in marketing. The best thing about Google Analytics is that it is completely free and is incredibly feature rich and rivals many enterprise-level solution.

One of the best things is that because it is free there are so many people using it and also many people making tutorials explaining how to use it, this is in contrast to many enterprise solutions that have actual training and support. The simplicity of the tool speaks for itself and this is one of the many reasons that people are using this amazing tool.

It will be interesting to see how these analytics programs progress now and into the future, there is no doubt that they will become more and more powerful and will show. It has become very clear that the future of marketing is in the internet and no doubt this software will become more and more important.




Marketing Analytics Tools That Are Shaping the Industry