Great Destinations with Unique Holiday Accommodation




Choosing to visit Montenegro offers you a unique opportunity to explore one of the most naturally beautiful parts of Europe. The country is divided into three geographical regions each special and attractive in its own way. The Northern region is rocky and mountainous and is being developed for tourism in winter; the Central region is characterized by historical monuments while the enchanting coastal region along the Adriatic Sea is characterized by its awesome beaches and ancient architectural wonders.There are several other beautiful water bodies in the region such as the stunning River Bojana, Tara and Skadar Lake. You can cruise along the Skadar Lake and discover the tiny fishing villages and unique flora and fauna. The islands on this lake are not only beautiful but also home to swans, pigeons and other assorted kinds of birds.

Villas and apartments in Montenegro come in all sizes and tastes to cater for your specific taste, they are spacious luxurious and cosy; they assure you of comforts away from home. They range from coastal to mountainous locations and from self catering to staffed villas. The lovely villas along the Southern Coastal regions are ideal for honeymoons and families, giving you an opportunity to explore the coastline.


UK is not only a place where fairytales come true but also a place where you can enjoy staying as a king in your very own converted castle or palace. It can be a great reward for the children and also the adults. There are hundreds to explore; the Chatsworth House in Derbyshire is grandiose with rooms filled with treasure and not forgetting its manicured gardens.

For a stately home with a bit of wildlife then the Longleat House and Safari Park in Wiltshire would be ideal. If you are the kind that adores knights and their legendary heroic stories then head to the medieval Compton Castle. It is picturesque and its bristling towers, turrets and moat portcullis ooze romance and history.

The UK is full of amazing old accommodation like this and to stay in one is like taking a step back in time and sampling the UK as known through Downton Abbey!


Morocco is a great destination, offering a magical and moving experience for many. From its rich history, unique blend of cultures, fine beaches and the amazing Atlas Mountains. Its bustling cities are irresistible, but it is the charming accommodations that are utterly compelling.

A Riad is a traditional house built around an open courtyard with the light coming from the center of the courtyard. The courtyard is normally decorated with flowers and plants and there is always a fountain in the middle. Most of these Riads have since been converted or restored into beautiful guesthouses.

Marrakech offers a wide selection of luxurious Riads that still retain their traditional charm and yet deliver modern amenities. If you enjoy the fun at Jamaa El Fna square then Riad Les Yeus Bleux is strategically placed between the square and the modern town; it is charming, cosy and authentic. There are several other fantastic options like Riad Zamzam near Majorelle Gardens that will let you experience the traditional culture of the Berbers.


Great Destinations with Unique Holiday Accommodation
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