Graphic design tips for your own projects

Having your own design hobbies can be a great way to help you get away from the stress of everyday life, but it is also an opportunity to really get creative and design some beautiful things. For these projects you can do them yourself and for the bigger ones you could always look at a company for graphic design in Bristol. Read on to find out some great graphic design tips for your next project.

Filter the background

One great way of getting a nice contrast between a picture and text is to use a filter on the background to soften it and really make it into a “background”, it can be really interesting to do this with a really powerful picture as it makes it seem insignificant compared to the the text. You can then play around with the text and find the right contrast.

Contrasting typefaces

By using separate typefaces that contrast you can create some really nice effects. The only thing to look out for here is over complicating and confusing people with too many different fonts or too many changes between fonts, the contrasts should be exactly that (contrasting). So stick to two different font types and have a very clear contrast in where they are used.

Use the background image as a guide

It is important to use the background image as a guide for using fonts or typefaces, it makes little or no sense to have a picture of an apple in the centre for example and the text to be placed above it, because we know that the image is of an apple, so why not put the text within the apple and use the image as the guide. Remember that the image should be recognisable and you should consider whether or not the text will obscure the message that image is trying to convey.

Use the right fonts

It is crucial to use the right fonts and to consider the background image, they should always match well and be in context. A good example of this is having a quote from your favourite author, it would be odd to use a very plain and bold type of font, it is better to opt for something more stylised and related to writing like a cursive style font or a font like Serif.

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Graphic design tips for your own projects