My Favourite Things To Do In Antarctica


penguinAntarctica is a place that is filled with things to do if you get the chance to go (please take if you are lucky enough!) and I wanted to talk about the things that I loved when I was there in this little blog post, so sit back, relax, enjoy and get inspired to go to the most amazing travel destination that you could ever dream of.

Admire the wildlife

Antarctica has a very diverse wildlife that is very unique and very resilient. Imagine being able to see Elephant seals and a number of different penguin species ( Emperor, chinstrap and Adelie to name a few). There are also Humpback and Minke whales too that like to frolic in the icy Antarctic  waters towards the end of the summer. This alone makes the Antarctica cruise prices worth it.

Learn about the history of Antarctica

Antarctica set the scene for one of the most intense periods of exploration in history, in particular with the likes of Shackleton, Mawson and Scott. You can actually follow in the footsteps of these great explorers and see and do things that they did in their own time. This is a truly powerful experience and a great tribute to their quest to reach the South Pole first.

Visit Deception Island

With a name like Deception Island, there must of course be some sort of deception involved and when you go you will know exactly why. The thermal springs here are a great opportunity for visitors to brave the Antarctic waters and actually get a chance to take a dip. Of course the waters are by no means warm, but the deception is that you can say that you have taken the plunge that none of your friends have! The island also shows signs of history, especially with the remains of the former whaling industry that was based here.

Go kayaking

There really isn’t anything better than getting up close and personal with the Antarctic seascape and doing so is one of the single greatest experiences that I had in Antarctica. Seeing the sea from the level of the water is just a very different experience than being on your cruise ship and you really get to interact with the iceberg and to see just how big they really are. It’s also a great chance to get a bit closer to the wildlife and to see things that you might not be able to see from your cruise ship.

Admire the night sky

Antarctica is one of those places with a night sky that you will never ever forget in your life. Because there is no light pollution, you can see practically everything and this means a lot of different stars which will seem so much clearer than you have ever seen before. The night sky is also very different because you can still see the sun and it is not truly dark during the summer months. In the winter time there is complete darkness, which also amazing to think too! Seriously get on the internet and research Antarctica cruise prices, you will not regret it.

My Favourite Things To Do In Antarctica