Technology: a helping hand for the homeworker

There are many ways in which technology can be a massive helping hand for the homeworker.

It goes without saying that things have changed a lot in the way that we deal with office, admin and creative tasks over a relatively short space of time because of technology.

If you are contacting clients as part of your job, for example, you’re unlikely to be handwriting them a letter and putting it in the post – although in the right circumstances the personal quality this would lend the communication could pay off!

Up until relatively recently, email would almost certainly have been your communication tool of choice – these days, as tech’s power has grown, you might even be talking to a client in a virtual face-to-face meeting over video call.

Here are just four tech treats that can really boost the home worker.

Video call

As we mentioned above, video calling is one of the tools that home workers are getting to grips with these days. It’s been around for a few years now, and the chances are you know the big brands whose software you can use to chat with people over the net.

To do this via a PC or laptop you’ll need a webcam and mic – something that a lot of computers already have built in these days.

Then you can make a talk with a client that bit more personal than a phone call, by actually seeing each other and enjoying all the associated non-verbal cues that happen in regular conversation. This sort of tech can also be used when you need to check-in with the office when working remotely from your colleagues.

The cloud

Cloud technology has really helped with the issue of digital storage space in recent years. There are lots of reputable companies out there offering you the chance to store files in their clouds, which can help keep them safe and mean you have a back-up should something happen to your computer.

You could double-back-up if you prefer, by having an extra copy on a USB drive.

Even if you don’t use specialised cloud services, online webmail platforms can offer a quick way to save a copy of something you’re working on remotely, simply add it as an attachment to an email and send it to yourself!

Garden offices

Technology doesn’t just have to mean computing equipment and services! Invest in a garden room from somewhere like Green Retreats and you’ll be investing in some great technology like Celotex insulation to help keep it warm.

You’ll also be investing in a very modern place of work that looks wonderfully contemporary.

This sort of workspace fits in with modern working – such as the fact that many of us need to work long hours – but also want to see the family as much as we can.

Lightweight laptops

These days, there are some lightweight and super slim laptops around that could work a treat for many home workers, depending on what they need their computer for.

They sometimes have relatively little storage compared to their heftier counterparts, but they’re incredibly easy to carry to that meeting at a local cafe, and in the days of cloud computing, the need for onboard storage is rapidly dwindling anyway.

Technology: a helping hand for the homeworker
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