How SEO Will Help Your Business


I run a small business here in Cornwall which has improved drastically since I began a digital marketing campaign last year. In Cornwall SEO isn’t really something that is talked about too much especially given the fact that the majority of the county is full of small businesses, owned by people who are a little set in their ways. In terms of SEO Cornwall is surprisingly ahead of the times, especially when we are talking about a company such as HookedOn Media, who delivered wonderful results for me. If you are also a little stuck in your ways and don’t yet realize what SEO can do for you, here are the benefits that I was able to enjoy.


Boosted Sales

The purpose of any marketing strategy is of course to increase your sales and through a smart SEO strategy that is exactly what I saw. In fact just weeks after the beginning of the campaign I was starting to respond to more enquiries via the website than ever before, and I had people coming into the store telling me that they had found me online. Because my business is so small, it is very easy to see what is coming in and out each week which is why I was able to see the huge increase in sales which this strategy brought me.

Brand Building

I was always under the impression that the word ‘brand’ was reserved for the giant, international companies that splayed ads across the television and giant billboard in city centers. With the help of SEO however, plus some creative influence from my son, we began to see the beginnings of brand for my small pet shop. We decided to take things a step further and create some logos and symbols to use, and then using SEO we were able to further present our new brand to a huge amount of people online.


My competition down here in Truro is the big boys of the pet care industry and from the very outset I knew that I would never really be able to take market share away from them, understanding my place in the food chain. What was so surprising therefore when I was speaking to my new customers was the number of them that had decided to come and see me rather than go to these large pet companies. I have always known that my product and services were better than theirs of course but having a chance to prove it was not always easy to do, given the amount of money that these companies put into brand growth. Through a small investment into SEO however I was able to increase the visibility of my business and bring customers through the doors, where they would then be able to see what I could offer them.

SEO is something that completely changed my business and I’m sure that it can do the same for yours, check out the guys at HoookedOn Media for any support.

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How SEO Will Help Your Business