Planning the Perfect Corporate Retreat

Corporate retreats can be a great way to build team spirit and increase productivity, of course this sounds good in practice, but what is the best way to do this and what is the best place to go that will be a reflection on your company’s enterprise behaviours and culture. Here are some ideas to get your team to be more tight knit and work more harmoniously.

company retreat


Probably the first and one of the most important considerations is the location you will choose for the retreat, this is important for a number of reasons, for example you may have a desire to go somewhere more secluded for privacy and with less distractions or the culture of your company might dictate. Consider going somewhere secluded or completely foreign to the area that you work in, for example a place like a private ski chalet rental in a place like Colorado or campgrounds in Anaheim could be ideal if you are all working in an office in a big city. Changing the scenery is the perfect way to provide a contrast for everyone and make everyone in a more relaxed mood

Team Building

Try to do activities outside of your comfort zone, particularly with team building activities, because. For example you could match colleagues that do not engage well with one another and have them

Consider reasons why your team may not be especially close or if there are issues with productivity, do they simply not know each other well or do they have trust issues. These are important considerations for the team building exercises you undertake, for example if a team simply does not know each other well then perhaps they just need to spend more time in a relaxed setting together, consider doing a volunteer day together.

Share experiences and have fun

It is extremely important for yourself and your colleagues to share experiences together, this way you create more of a bond between each other. Think of your friends and some of the great times you have had together, this should be no different for your colleagues. Whether this is having a laugh, eating an amazing dinner or just something silly happening you will always be able to recall the memory with your colleagues for many years to come.

Whatever you and your team decide to do it is the memories that are most important, the idea is to make the experience as fun, memorable and very different from work in order to get the best out of yourself and your colleagues. Hopefully your friendships will grow and your productivity will increase!



Planning the Perfect Corporate Retreat