5 Ways to Save Your Money Year Round

Because life is uncertain and the events that unfold in our lives many times require that we be financially stable to find an immediate solution, you should set aside money all year long into a savings account.  This will provide you with confidence and peace of mind in an otherwise stressful and demanding situation.  You’ll enjoy just knowing that you have a plan in place to cover unexpected car repairs or bigger utility bills than you expected.  Let’s look at five ways to save money year round so that you’ll be ready when a crisis happens in your life.


  1. You must have a working budget in place that effectively manages the income that you have.  This will keep you from overspending and making impulsive purchases that you don’t really need or that you should be saving to buy.  Take a look at the income that you have, the financial obligations that you have, and the small purchases that keep you from having good savings habits.
  2. Always check your bills for accuracy.  If you have credit card debt, it’s imperative that you double check the charges that show up on your bill each month. Look for hidden fees that you don’t want and call the companies providing the services to ascertain how you can avoid these charges.  You must also pay your credit card debt in full each month; carrying over amounts from month to month will incur high interest rates that eat into your budget and prevent you from gaining financial freedom.
  3. Use coupons and special offers when possible.  You should always ask a provider if this is the best price that he can offer you; comparison shop on everything that you buy and don’t think that you must always use the name brands of products.  For travel, look for specials that offer you an extra night or two with your purchase of five nights and packages that include meals for you and your family.
  4. Make the necessary cuts in spending that you don’t necessarily have to make.  Take a thermos of tea or coffee to work so you don’t have to use vending machines; you can also prepare a quick lunch that will save you a great deal of money and time.  All of these cuts will add money to your savings account which you may need for emergency situations.
  5. Make a commitment to savings each month.  If you choose a savings vehicle like one of the easy access savings accounts that are available, you will be able to have unlimited withdrawals for your immediate needs.  This will prepare you for unexpected bills as well as gifts that you’ll need for special occasions.  By having a working budget in place year round, you can handle any situation that needs a financial solution effectively and efficiently.

Using these tips to formulate a budget, make a commitment, and cut your spending can furnish you with the help you need to be financially stable.


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5 Ways to Save Your Money Year Round